Diventa partner Menodiciotto


We strongly believe that professionalism, dedication and obligation along the whole production line are the sole solid basis in order to create a unique and incomparable added value.

For this reason we want to enlarge our network, as a result of a know-how made up of thirty years research and experience, that offers products which represent the best offer quality / price on the market today.

We are a company of highly professional and trustable people: therefore, what a better occasion for joining us?

Partner Menodiciotto

We are looking for partners that are willing to:

  • understand and learn about our product and our philosophy
  • become a part of our big family
  • create a solid collaboration based on transparency and loyalty

Gelataio Menodiciotto


1 - Quality and know-how

You will have a high quality finished product with an extraordinary balance of quality / price, otherwise difficult to obtain because:

  • Learning to produce a good ice-cream is an activity which cannot be improvised but that can be learnt and improved in time through continual researches and experiments.
  • You will be able to enjoy our unique know-how of thirty years of continuous and passionate research
  • You will be able to propose a different quality, born following different paths (we began from a very small production and chose to re-project machines and laboratories not willing to renounce the quality and not to stay at an average level)
  • You will be able to understand / verify that “artigianale” does not mean made on the spot but made with art
  • You will always have available an advanced technology that minimizes the waste, thanks to a centralized production of very high quality
  • You will be able to benefit from our continuous researches of raw materials, experiments of new recipes and study of new techniques.

2 - Support, reliability and security that a simple distributor cannot provide you with

We will provide you with our experience and our knowledge for undertaking your new project together, offering you our support to also:

  • Define together the necessary interior design (based on the space, the place, the necessities)
  • Define together the necessary equipment (based on the most proper and adaptable model / type for the needs of the sales point) and help you to evaluate the best distributors
  • Instruct the staff of the ice-cream parlour
  • Offer you precise explanations for the presentation of the products, for the communications to clients and for the promotion through the organization of initiatives meant to expose the product
  • Organize the maintenance of the equipment
  • Respect the high quality standards and all rules in relation to healthiness, security and labeling.
  • Guarantee the continual supply of ice-creams and sorbets.

3 - Attention towards the client and the sales point

Not needing to take care of or worry about the production every day, you will have the necessary time to dedicate attention to:

  • The product, in order to be always presented and tasted at its best;
  • The clients, explaining the quality of the products
  • The sales point in general (cleanliness, maintenance, new initiatives)

4 - An occasion to aim high for producing something on your own.

  • An occasion to open a high level ice-cream parlour, that reflects in the meantime your personality because we believe that each ice-cream parlour should have its own environment, also demonstrating the company’s philosophy.
  • An initial reasonable investment thanks to our support and our experience.
  • No fee, no royalty, no percentage on the sales because we are looking for partners and not clients.


The following is fundamental and essential: